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Ways to Nurture a Growth Mindset for Kids

One of the biggest parts of being a child is learning. And learning can involve everything from colors, shapes, and first words to listening and developing empathy.

That’s why, with so much to learn, it’s important that your child understands a little bit about failure. The ultimate goal may be to succeed, but there are always going to be mistakes along the way that are part of the journey.

Instead of shying away from failure, teach your child how to develop a growth mindset so they’ll build the self-confidence they need to grow!

Be Specific With Praise

It’s great to tell your child they’re doing well at something and they’ll certainly appreciate it. It’s best, however, to be more specific with what you say. Instead of “you did a good job,” focus in on what skill they’re working on acquiring. For example, if they’re learning to read, praise them for how their ‘s’ sounds have improved. It will mean a lot to them to know you’re noticing the little things.

Encourage Your Child’s Efforts

It’s common to think that learning and growing is always positive, but they’re called growing pains for a reason! Whether your child is learning social skills or how to ride a bike, remember to reward the effort. Your child may not succeed at first, but over time their persistence will pay off. By encouraging a growth mindset for children, they’ll learn that success doesn’t happen overnight.

Let Them Take the Lead

Most parents want to help their child out when they’re really struggling with something. Unfortunately, removing the challenge from every situation won’t help them develop a growth mindset. In fact, picking up the pieces for them means they won’t learn to roll with the punches. Whether they’re reading a book or starting to walk, ensure you let them feel it out for themselves before you help. This will give them the impetus they need to push harder down the road.

Focus on the Future

An important part of any learning process is patience. When your child really begins to dive in, there are going to be hurdles. That’s why it’s important to keep them focused on the big picture and not the details. Focusing on the ‘when’ instead of the ‘if’ will guide them through the small hurdles. No worthwhile learning will happen in an instant, so a growth mindset for kids should help them stay the course.

Nurture Their Curiosity

The most important part of nurturing lifelong curiosity in your child is engaging in their passion for learning. When they’re trying to get a handle on something new, it’s best if it’s something they care about. And, while every learning task isn’t going to provide inspiration, having a fundamental curiosity will ensure they get through the less inspiring stuff.


The end goal of all learning may be to really know how to do something. But it’s easy to forget that in order to get there, you’ll have to fail first! Fortunately, a growth mindset for children can help them push past the hurdles so they can achieve anything.

If your child is in the early stages of developing social skills, you may want to try our Chat Chains learning game. It can help them open the doors to all the other ways they’ll need to learn and grow!


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