5 Resources for Parents of Children Recently Diagnosed with Autism

5 Resources for Parents of Children Recently Diagnosed with Autism

Was your child recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? These five resources will help you get on track to begin understanding the diagnosis and providing your child with the support that he or she deserves!

Resource #1: 100 Day Kit

Autism Speaks has created a “100 Day Kit” as a resource for parents who have a child that was recently diagnosed with ASD. It is absolutely free for anyone and everyone. If your child was diagnosed in the last 6 months, you may also receive a free hard copy of the kit. The kit includes lots of information about autism and information on how to access the services that your child needs. Click here to get a copy.

Resource #2: Find Hope Through Video

It is easy to become discouraged, scared, and hopeless after your child is diagnosed with ASD. We strongly recommend watching some videos of individuals with ASD who have been able to lead extraordinary lives. It is important to remember that a diagnosis of ASD does not mean that one cannot lead a happy, fulfilling, and meaningful life.

Videos to watch:

Resource 3: Get Connected with a Support Group

Connecting with other parents that are also raising kids with ASD is absolutely crucial! One of the best ways to do this is to join a support group either in person or online.

For in-person groups, consult the national list here: https://www.yellowpagesforkids.com/

For online support, Facebook groups can be a great resource: https://www.facebook.com/groups/weareproudautismparents/

Resource 4: Join Organizations Dedicated to ASD

Joining an organization can help you to feel connected to the community and to be updated on any major developments in the world of ASD. Here at ThinkPsych, we highly recommend the following organizations:

    Resource 5: Read Books about Autism

    There are many published books out there to help parents with raising a child that has been diagnosed with ASD. Here are some of our favorites with links to buy them on Amazon:

    Positive Parenting for Autism

    Thriving with Autism

    Turn Autism Around

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