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Roll With It: The Dice That Helps You Cope

Roll With It: The Dice That Helps You Cope

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Roll With It is the unique game that teaches kids to stay calm when dealing with BIG FEELINGS. Designed by psychologists. 

  • Practice skills to better handle anger, boredom, fear, and sadness 
  • Four simple activites teach 24 different coping skills
  • Ages 5 and up
  • Playtime: 10 minutes
  • 2-8 players

Making Emotional Intelligence the Foundation of Good Play

We believe there's something important missing from most children's toys. There are so many toys that teach our kids math, reading, and science. But where are the toys with heart? Those that teach us about ourselves, our feelings, and other people in the world? We couldn't find them, so we made them! We're two psychologists on a mission to create emotionally intelligent toys that help raise confident, caring, and happy children.

Learn to "Roll With" Big Emotions

As parents, we know our little humans sometimes have big emotions. It's hard being a kid because sometimes hearing "no" or being told to go to bed is a BIG DEAL. As psychologists, we know how powerless parents can feel trying to help their kids deal with everyday problems, big and small. That's why we created Roll With It. This unique educational game helps kids learn about their feelings and develop a coping toolbox, so they can deal with any problems that come their way.

Emotional Health Through Play

Roll With It is the unique educational game that helps kids:

  • Identify their emotions
  • Deal with big feelings
  • Increase their emotional intelligence
  • Cope with problems big and small

Step 1: Pick

There are four colorful dice in the set. Each one is associated with a different game like Blue Frozen Copycat. So Step 1: Pick a Dice and Play!

Step 2: Roll

Once you complete the game, it's time for Step 2: Roll the Dice! Each dice contains a picture that teaches you a coping strategy you can use when you're feeling a BIG feeling. 

Step 3: Do

Once the dice lands on a picture, time for Step 3: Do the Action the dice lands on! How do you feel? Can you practice this skill when you feel bad in the future?

About the Creators

Dr. Schulman is a licensed clinical psychologist with over a decade of experience in school consultation and the evidence-based treatment of anxiety, anger issues, developmental disabilities, and trauma. She is a sought-after clinician and renowned trainer of parents, teachers, and other professionals. In her community outreach work, she has trained hundreds of educators and professionals on topics ranging from ADHD to anxiety and social skills training.

Dr. Shcherbakov is a licensed psychologist and nationally recognized expert on ADHD, anxiety, and autism spectrum disorders. He is proud to have helped hundreds of children develop language and emotional regulation skills through his work in clinics, homes, and schools. In addition to being a sought-after presenter at national conferences, he has taught at Rutgers University in the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology.

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