Picture Play Flash Cards Bundle


  • 450 picture cards include animals, body parts, emotions, food, household objects, and more!
  • 275 words included in the set total – 50 words with 3 picture examples, 75 words with 2 picture examples, and 150 words with 1 picture example
  • Includes our First Nouns, People, and Advanced Nouns sets
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Are you concerned about your child’s speech development? Or are you trying to find a good strategy for assisting and expanding your child’s vocabulary? Stop looking; you’ve found the best one.

ThinkPsych Picture Play Flash Cards are designed and created by licensed psychologists. As experts in language development, we set out to create flashcards that would be long-lasting and evidence based. We are excited to help teachers and parents promote receptive and expressive learning in a fun and easy way!

Our toddler picture flash cards bundle comes with 450 vivid and REAL-LIFE photos in total that span 275 words that will empower kids’ early development while having lots of FUN. They are also perfect for developing a child’s curiosity and teaching language in Early Intervention, Preschool, Kindergarten, ABA Therapy, and Speech Therapy.

Using these flashcards may help kids:
• Identify and use common nouns more easily.
• Improve verbal communication and listening skills.
• Strengthen storytelling and critical thinking skills.
• Support emotional development through better communication.

Bundle includes:
First Noun Set – There are 3 images provided for each word in the set to promote generalization and deep learning through activities like matching, reading, sorting, and more. It also includes bonus words that help ensure that kids learn to recognize and understand that things can change shape and colors but have the same name.
Advanced Noun Set – 150 double-sided flash cards of animals and food. One side shows photos for teaching speech and the other side is used for reading and sight words.
People Set – A combination of body parts, actions, and emotions, this set has 75 words with 2 examples each, demonstrated by diverse actors from all around the world.

Additional Features:
• Safe for kids.
• Simple and engaging for children 18 months and older.
• Perfect size.
• Easy to use and organize.
• A great learning tool gift for kids for any occasion.

10 reviews for Picture Play Flash Cards Bundle

  1. Anne Marie

    These are legit teaching tools! Very good quality and prepared in an easy to navigate order. 1. Organized by categories, 2. Cards are laminated (therefore wipe able) and sturdy (thicker than cards in a deck of cards), 3. Easy to understand guidelines so a non professional like me can use them. I’ve done a lot of research looking into various tools to help with my grandchild who has special needs and from what little I understand, these are just what I needed.

  2. Sunni

    This completeness of this kit has surpassed my expectations as to what I thought I would be receiving.The kit for 18+ months comes in a set of three sturdy boxes, which are broken down based upon People, First Nouns and Advance Nouns. In each boxed set, there are tabs that further break down the categories (ie. food, sports, clothing, etc).The cards come printed and with a laminated feel on a not so easy to bend thick and durable cardboard with edges rounded and shaved. No worries about paper items or the cards being easily bent.Each grouping, for instance “cats� has three different looks for cats, like an actual photo of a cat, a water coloring of a cat and then a drawing. This is great as kids can often identify one type of animal but this set allows them to see that there’s not simply one way for a cat to look (think cartoon vs reality).It also has things like birds and chickens which can look somewhat identical to a young child but helps to work with them on how to identify differences between groupings.Lastly, these cards can be used as flashcards or made into more fun activities as multiple games can be made using them.

  3. Harriet

    Think about these cards is the thickness. These will last through years of use without the need for laminating. I also love all the context such as pictures and additional words with the letters. These would be great to use for ENL learners and younger students. Everything is great about these cards!

  4. Mark

    This is a very high-quality set of learning cards. There are three large boxes of cards. The boxes are very sturdy and will be around for years to hold the cards, and the cards themselves are very strong board and will hold up well to little hands, THEY DO NOT BEND!!I was most curious about the emotions cards as that is what I’m teaching right now and I also closely examined the body actions. There are multiple images for each keyword. This allows a child to more deeply understand nuances. The colors are good and the photos of the people are very expressive.

  5. Alisa

    The card is strong, the size is right, the smooth surface is waterproof and easy to clean, the four corners of the card are well handled, and will not scratch children. Great early learning for kids!

  6. Susan

    If you’re looking for picture/vocabulary flash cards for your little one, this is the ultimate set. I like how the images will be in multiple forms, like there will be a photo of a cow, plus an illustration, and then a painting of the cow as well. Tons of words covered.

  7. Jo

    Got this for a non verbal 12yo.Love everything about this set!!Organized makes it so easy to use!!The back of the cards give you different words to use when talking about the pictures.This is a set that should be in every sped and preschool classroom.

  8. Ichigo

    Very sturdy cards and difficult to tear, which is good for when your kiddos are handling them. Great to have for learning the basic words and pictures with my kiddos. Comes in three separate boxes for different subjects. Really great learning material for kids!

  9. Baer

    I am an SLP who works primarily with the pediatric population and a parent to a young child who uses an AAC device to communicate. These picture cards are great for those with deficits in various language areas. The cards are sturdy and small for little hands to handle.I also like that the advanced card decks have extensions on the back to elaborate on a given pictured item such as function, appearance, and location.Each card has three pictures representing a given target and both illustrated and real pictures are provided for each. My only complaint is that I do wish there were more of a variety of pictured items within each category. I think just having one cartoon image and one real image of each target would have been sufficient.Overall, I do think this is a great product. It is a helpful tool to have as a professional or as a parent to a child with language challenges.

  10. Whitney T

    I should have asked for these at the baby shower! I recommend people get these for their children for bdays or anytime. They are nice to have and the learning never stops

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