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Picture Play Flash Cards Bundle

Picture Play Flash Cards Bundle

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450 picture cards include animals, body parts, emotions, food, household objects, and more!

  • 275 words included in the set total – 50 words with 3 picture examples, 75 words with 2 picture examples, and 150 words with 1 picture example
  • Includes our First Nouns, People, and Advanced Nouns sets
  • Ages 18 months+

Are you concerned about your child's speech development? Or are you trying to find a good strategy for assisting and expanding your child's vocabulary? Stop looking; you've found the best one.

ThinkPsych Picture Play Flash Cards are designed and created by licensed psychologists. As experts in language development, we set out to create flashcards that would be long-lasting and evidence based. We are excited to help teachers and parents promote receptive and expressive learning in a fun and easy way!

Our toddler picture flash cards bundle comes with 450 vivid and REAL-LIFE photos in total that span 275 words that will empower kids' early development while having lots of FUN. They are also perfect for developing a child's curiosity and teaching language in Early Intervention, Preschool, Kindergarten, ABA Therapy, and Speech Therapy.

Using these flashcards may help kids:
• Identify and use common nouns more easily.
• Improve verbal communication and listening skills.
• Strengthen storytelling and critical thinking skills.
• Support emotional development through better communication.

Bundle includes:
First Noun Set - There are 3 images provided for each word in the set to promote generalization and deep learning through activities like matching, reading, sorting, and more. It also includes bonus words that help ensure that kids learn to recognize and understand that things can change shape and colors but have the same name.
Advanced Noun Set - 150 double-sided flash cards of animals and food. One side shows photos for teaching speech and the other side is used for reading and sight words.
People Set - A combination of body parts, actions, and emotions, this set has 75 words with 2 examples each, demonstrated by diverse actors from all around the world.

Additional Features:
• Safe for kids.
• Simple and engaging for children 18 months and older.
• Perfect size.
• Easy to use and organize.
• A great learning tool gift for kids for any occasion.

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