How to Get an IEP for Your Child

The process of obtaining an IEP in public schools can take some time. This article outlines the procedures for requesting evaluations and implementing an initial IEP. Factors taken into account by the school team in determining eligibility for special education are also discussed.

Does My Child Need an IEP?

If your child is struggling to keep up in school, you may be wondering if they would benefit from an IEP, or individualized education program. This article will help you to think through the steps to help determine whether your child needs or would benefit from an IEP. Other options like a 504 plan are also discussed.

101 Reinforcement Ideas for Students with Autism

It can be difficult to motivate those students that don’t seem to have that drive for learning on their own. This article provides 101 reinforcement ideas for students with autism. We include a variety of ideas from categories including food, activities, sensory, attention, electronics, and toys.

How to Find Reinforcers for Students (Part 2)

Reinforcement is the backbone of any effective ABA teaching program for kids with Autism. In this article, we talk about formal preference assessment strategies to identify new reinforcers to use during instruction. These include single stimulus, paired choice, and multiple stimulus strategies. Data sheets are provided to help complete these assessments.