Hygiene Task Analysis Pack – Bathroom, Brushing Hair/Teeth, Washing Hands

Task Analysis – Preschool and Older – Autism/Special EdABA Therapy

Task analysis is a strategy in ABA where a complex skill such as washing hands is broken down into simple component steps (e.g., turn on water, adjust temperature, wet both hands, etc.).

This resource contains data sheets with step-by-step directions for students to follow in four critical hygiene skills:

  • Brushing Hair
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Washing Hands
  • Using Bathroom

If you would like visuals that go along with these data sheets, we’ve created the following social story for Brushing Teeth: Why It is Important to Brush Teeth (and How) Social Story

What I also like about these sheets is that they will allow you to take data on at least two trials of the tasks (can be used on same or different days). This helps to cut down on wasted paper and also to track progress. There is also room to mark down the prompt level which is used.

We include instructions so that you and classroom staff know exactly how to fill out the sheet!

If you are interested in a FREE blank task analysis spreadsheet, see our page here: Task Analysis Free Download

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