How to Stop Biting Social Story

Social Story Narrative – Preschool and Older – Autism/Special Ed

Studies have shown that social stories can help teach children social-emotional skills in challenging situations. One common behavioral issue seen in children with special needs such as autism is to bite when feeling angry or frustrated. Children with this behavior often do not understand why it is a problem or what they can do instead of biting. As a result, this story is written to help them identify why they are biting others and why it is a problem. I use simple visuals to help explain these ideas to children in the form of a story. The last part of the story tells children what sort of strategies they can use to calm themselves down instead of biting (e.g., taking deep breaths, using a sensory chew toy, or squeezing their fists).

In this download, there are three major components:

  1. An 6 page PowerPoint social story that explains why children should not bite others and what they could do instead. Each page contains simple images to go along with the story. The great thing about this Powerpoint is that it is FULLY EDITABLE. This means that you can change the text, erase/add images, and make other modifications to suit your individual children. Please just do not distribute or sell the modified versions.
  2. An 6 page PDF file that is READY TO PRINT and use with your students. Each page will be approximately 4″ x 6″. You can then staple the pages together to form a little Social Story Book.
  3. A 1 page DOC file that is fully editable. You can use this file if you prefer a 1 page format to a book. It’s easy to laminate and keep near your student’s desk!

Overall, this package has everything you need to teach children why they should not be biting other children! I think the simple language is perfect for children as young as preschool age.

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