Consultation to Schools

We can provide either ongoing or one-time consultation services to school districts regarding the development and modification of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs. We will communicate with Child Study Teams, classroom teachers, and other district personnel to ensure effective implementation of learning and behavior management strategies grounded in the science of ABA. When needed, 1:1 training and group workshops can be provided.

Program Development

Using the science of ABA, our team will help develop a program for individual children within a school setting, as well as programs for entire classrooms. We use evidence-based assessment procedures to create appropriate goals for students and implement data collection procedures to monitor progress and inform further curriculum development. For challenging behavior, we help teachers operationally define target behavior and use reinforcement procedures to teach and reward appropriate alternative behaviors. Training can be provided to all individuals who will be working directly with the child to ensure treatment integrity.

Behavior Intervention Plan

We help staff to identify and treat challenging behaviors in the school environment. The initial steps will include data collection with a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). Once sufficient data is collected and a function for the behavior is identified, we will train staff on implementing appropriate function-based behavioral strategies. Additional training and follow-up will be provided until behavior is stabilized.

Consultation to Parents/Guardians

Consultation services may be provided for parents to ensure their children are receiving the most appropriate services for their individual needs. Consultation may include reviewing a child’s education program, providing parent training, and discussing options available to meet each child’s needs.

Review of Individualized Education Program (IEP)

We conduct IEP Reviews in order to ensure that each child’s specific needs are appropriately met within the child’s educational setting. The IEP document can be lengthy and overwhelming at times. We can help clarify the document and address specific areas of concern. When appropriate, we may attend IEP meetings and may communicate with school staff (e.g., Child Study Teams, teachers, etc.) to best meet the needs of your child.