Language Learning Cards

Language Learning Cards

Perfect for ABA and Speech Therapy
Designed for Kids with Autism

The right learning materials make ABA therapy and speech therapy a lot more effective! This collection of 150 high-quality flash cards covers 50 first words for children with language delays such as those with autism spectrum disorder. Each word comes with three picture cards: two flash cards that are illustrated and one photo card on a plain white background. Having three pictures ensures that children learn a variety of examples of each noun. This prevents students from learning too “narrowly”. For example, if you always teach with red apples, the student may not be able to identify a green apple when they see it!

Here are just some of the skills you can teach using these cards:

  • Receptive Language (“Touch Apple”)
  • Expressive Language (“What’s this?”)
  • Feature Function Class Identification (“Touch the one that’s red; Show me the one you eat; Which one is a vehicle?”)
  • Non-identical matching
  • Sorting by category

These cards were designed to be used in ABA therapy with kids with autism. They are sized to be small enough (3″ by 3″) so that you can place as many as 10 or 12 on a desk in front of a student for a big array.

As a clinical psychologist and board certified behavior analyst (BCBA), I selected these words to reflect some of the earliest words that children with autism and other language delays should learn. They were selected so that children can quickly learn to request what they like (e.g., chips, cookie, car, blocks.)

We also offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason after 30 days. Within 1 year, we offer replacements for any flash card that gets damaged ABSOLUTELY FREE. All you have to do is email our customer service and we will send it out with no shipping charge to you.

  • ✔ACCELERATE LEARNING – Designed by a child psychologist to teach language the right way. Especially useful for children with autism and other language delays in speech or ABA therapy.
  • ✔3″ SQUARE FLASHCARDS – 50 first words include clothing, food, and animal flash cards. On the back, every card has associated words (features, functions) to further build on language growth.
  • ✔MULTIPLE EXAMPLES – Three picture examples (two illustrated, one photo card) for each word in the set. This is based on the ABA strategy of generalization to accelerate language learning.
  • ✔ONE YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT – These flashcards are DURABLE! They are 3x thicker than standard flash cards due to their unique cardboard reinforcement. They do not bend or rip easily.
  • ✔INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED – Use these flash cards to teach matching, sorting, and identifying pictures. Instructional guide makes it easy for parents to teach language to kids. Perfect for ABA therapy and speech therapy materials too!