Designed by a psychologist

Children with autism and other language delays need the right materials to learn effectively. These flashcards are made by a child psychologist and BCBA with over 12 years of experience. 

Built for effective learning

There are three examples included for each noun in the set: two picture cards and one photo card. Research shows this lead to more rapid and more sustained learning than teaching from one example. Clear white backgrounds eliminate distractions!

Box Contents

Teach language like an expert

Included 10-page instructional guide will teach you the basics of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and how to use science-based techniques to enhance learning. Teach the following skills quickly and easily:

  • Matching

  • Sorting

  • Picture Identification (Receptive Language)

  • Picture Labeling (Expressive Language)

  • Identifying by Features, Actions, and Categories 

Expand Language Rapidly

Each card includes additional words on the back for children to learn. Included are the features of the object, the functions (what it does), and what category it belongs to. 


Our cards are 300% thicker than ordinary flash cards. They are durable!

80 Reviews

Parents, teachers, and therapists love these flash cards!

Nikki N
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Purchased these for my 24 month old who is not currently saying 50 words and wanted to give these a shot before doing speech therapy. We have already did two small practice sessions with these cards and he loves them! He has surprised me in how interested he seems to be and is really trying. I think these will really help him in his speech development. Thank you so much!
Andrew L.
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I just got a set of the noun cards and it is great!!! First off, the background is white and it does not confuse the child with irrelevant stimuli, a HUGE complaint I had with other card sets. Secondly, there are multiple exemplars of each task, some in cartoon format and some as actual pictures. In the back of each card it includes information to help when planning for FFC programming. Finally, the piece-de-resistance is that they are heavy duty and difficult if not impossible to tear. We had a client try to tear them and when he could not (he had torn all of our other materials) he bit into it, which did almost no damage to them, I highly recommend!
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These card sets are SOOO nice. I can't wait for you guys to make more sets.
Shenna B.
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This is a great tool to use for preschool children. When my sons school was closed due to COVID I purchased these. We have been using them ever since. He can now group things by color, item, size. They have kept their shape unlike most cards for kids. Great product!
Lynn W
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Great product and fast shipping. Ordered for a toddler with speech delay and has really helped with child’s visual identification and verbal language. Thick, sturdy, and durable cards that can withstand the natural wear and tear from use by a toddler. Love that there are 2-3 cards individually pictured for most words so that child can learn a variation of visual images to associate with the given word.


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