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A mother and child walking down a sidewalk holding hands

How to Teach Respect to Your Child

Raising a respectful child only requires a few simple actions. Learn how to teach respect so you can inspire it in your children.

Why Teaching Kids to Ask for Help Matters

Teaching kids to ask for help is essential. Learn why it matters and get tips on encouraging your child to seek support when needed.

Young blonde girl staring out a window

Helping Your Child Adapt to Change

The ability to adapt to change is an important life skill. Learn how you can prepare your child so they’ll be ready to take on any challenge!

A shy girl covers her eyes

How to Build Social Skills in Shy Kids

Struggling to support an introverted child? Encourage social skills in shy kids with pro tips from our experts at ThinkPsych.

Teacher reading to a student in the library

SEL Strategies for Teachers

There are many ways educators can inspire healthy development in students. Learn some SEL strategies in the classroom to help them grow!