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Supporting Siblings of Children with Autism

The sibling relationship is one of life’s longest-lasting relationships. Sibling interactions in any family can be complex. It’s not uncommon to see them happily playing together one minute, then fighting the next. Siblings of children with autism often have many of the same experiences as neurotypical sibling relationships. However, siblings of a child with autism […]

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Maintaining Your Child’s Skills During the Summer

Summer break has started for many students and is fast approaching for others. This time off from school is a time for rest, relaxation, and fun in the sun. However, summer break can pose unique challenges for children with autism and other special needs. Summer learning loss is not an uncommon phenomenon, though it is […]

Developing Socially Significant Goals

Behavior analysts and other professionals in the ABA field are tasked with the job of creating behavioral and skill acquisition goals for their learners. Choosing behaviors and skills to target can be challenging, with many considerations to make. One vital consideration when developing goals is to determine whether they are socially significant. What is Social […]

Understanding Prompts & Prompt Hierarchies

Prompt hierarchies provide a structured and systematic way of teaching skills while fading out the prompts to avoid prompt dependency.

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What Is Behavior Skills Training (BST)?

Behavior skills training (BST) is a method used for teaching new skills. BST consists of four main components. These include instructions, modeling, feedback, and rehearsal. BST is an individualized way to teach skills. BST is a research-backed teaching method used in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for teaching new skills. However, the application of behavior skills […]